The division of the game into a turn-based setup scenario and real-time troop control on the battlefield was taken over by its predecessors. You control the military, economic and demographic development of the provinces by building structures such as barracks, marketplaces and mines. The choice of the form of government and the setting of research priorities influence the course of the game. Absolute or constitutional monarchy are possible. There are several options to reach the game goal. The military dominance alone is not enough. Even with a powerful trading nation, the victory can be borne. This is ensured by a sophisticated rating system, which reflects the reputation of their country in the world and in which the whole range of civilizational achievements was taken into account.

For strategy lovers, the Empire version of the Total War series is a must in their game collection. The big advantage of the game are the many ways to influence the gameplay. The diverse alternative courses of action reveal an individual signature of the player. Empire Total War Game is now available at online stores.